Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cats imitating dogs

My cats have been begging to go outside since the weather got nice, so my partner and I finally relented last week. T (above, in catnip) was thrilled and immediately began rubbing himself all over every new surface before going on hourlong adventures independent of us. After exerting himself, he came back looking like this:

Yup. T pants like a dog. Our vet has witnessed this and doesn't seem concerned, so we proceeded to encourage it, because it's hilarious.

Soon, he convinced August (who is much shyer than him) to join him on one of his escapades. August came back to show us his new trick:



  1. That catnip looks sooo large. My catnip plant is still pretty tiny.

  2. My partner's aunt gave it to us! It's pretty epic.


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