Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Do you know what an older man can give you?

This problematic poster is currently making the rounds:

(This is the only picture I could find, sorry it's not clearer.)


1)The onus is placed on the women being preyed on, not the predator. The young women manipulated and hurt by older men are constructed as more culpable than the men wronging them.

2) The girl in this picture is clearly white, but is the man black? The lips and the dark hair seem to code him as black, and it would fit neatly into our cultural narrative of relations between black men and white women as predatory and scurrilous.

3) Illegitimate children constructs the family as necessarily nuclear (along with other issues).

4) AIDS is not equal to death.


ETA: Casey of Pop-Punk Junkie asked what the origin of this image is, and I don't know. I found it at the first site I link and I couldn't find any other sources for the image (thus the shadow/poor quality). Anyone know anything about this poster?


  1. What organization is posting these and where? Sometimes I can't believe what people try and get away with.

  2. That's a good question, and I don't know. I'll clarify in an addendum.

  3. um wow. more shaming women into keeping their damn legs closed in the first place crap...aren't we done with this yet?

  4. So much wrong with this, on so many levels. I'm actually tempted to ask if it's a joke! It is a joke, right? *Fervently hoping it's a joke*

  5. Wow.... what's next, "Why do you keep letting that man rape you?"????

  6. I recently read the guest post on Dollhouse and started floating through your other entries. I find that I enjoy them and that the perspective that they offer is very enlightening. On this one, I have to point out something that I feel was neglected (not intentionally, I think, but thematically).

    I certainly see, and agree with, your assessment of how the woman in this image is portrayed. The language can easily take you there. I think it is fair to note that this poster should be incredibly frustrating from a male perspective as well.

    I'm certainly not "old", but I'm not 16 anymore either. I find the equation of "older man" with "AIDS" aggravating to say the least. Why is it assumed that anyone labeled an older man must have had experiences that have led to the contraction of sexually transmitted diseases and that we would freely disseminate those diseases if we did have them.

    I certainly understand that this is not the focus of this blog, but I felt this might be a valid point nonetheless.


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