Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Efficacy and body politics

Beginning yesterday, I also write for the new women's site Ms. Modern. The following is my first post for that site.

When I’m feeling down about my body, all of my flaws get exaggerated. My love handles are protruding. My butt is overly dimpled. My thighs look like blubber repositories. I don’t feel very much like loving or caring for my body when I get into this mindset – I just want to ignore my flaws and eat chocolate, rather than involving myself in the proper care and feeding of my body through exercise and vegetables.

But within a week of getting off my butt and beginning an exercise program, my body, though not yet sculpted or changed by my efforts, looks drastically different in the mirror. My hips have been whittled. My backside is firm. My thighs are strong and toned.

What’s changed? Obviously it’s psychological – unless you’ve just had a baby, bodies don’t change dramatically in seven little days.

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