Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Parents exploit their child's disability for personal profit


Parenting 101: Don't exploit your child's disability:

Amie McRoberts, 37, and Catherine Nickell, 41, both of Union Township in Clermont County, have been charged with misdemeanor theft.

An investigation revealed they sent their two special-needs children door-to-door asking for donations to go to a special-needs camp, police said. The money was actually being used to pay McRoberts' and Nickell’s bills, police said.
And earlier:
"She had on her full little Girl Scout uniform, and she knocked on our door and she was very shy, made me feel really bad, and said, 'I'm trying to raise money to go to a camp for my Girl Scouts,'" said victim Heather Locke. "I said okay, so I gave her a dollar."

Police said some gave more money than that, and investigators believe the girls' parents exploited them by driving them around and sending them out to collect money.

"The children were never going to go to a special needs camp," said Josh Bail, a Union Township police detective. "The money was going to the parents."
Wow. What kind of sociopath does this? If their parents are sending them out to beg for fraudulent money for them, I can only imagine what these vulnerable daughters are put through in the home.

I'll update as I learn more.

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