Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Trans woman brutally beaten in Queens hate crime

Trigger warning.
Leslie Mora was brutally beaten by two strangers as she walked home from a nightclub last on June 19 at 2:30 AM. The offenders beat her with a belt as they screamed "faggot" at her in Spanish, only stopping when a passing motorist threatened to call the police. She was found nearly naked and bleeding on the sidewalk. Police recovered a blood-covered belt buckle and subsequently apprehended her assailants.

From the Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund:
We’ve demanded that the Queens County District Attorney investigate this brutal attack as a hate crime. Leslie was beaten with a belt while her assailants called her a ‘faggot.’ While Leslie is a transgender woman, her attackers perceived her to be gay. State law currently classifies it as a hate crime for an individual to target and attack a victim because of the victim’s actual or perceived sexual orientation. Leslie’s assault is a hate crime because her attackers perceived her to be gay and targeted her for violence because of that perception. This is as clear a case for prosecution as a hate crime as any we have seen.

Her assailants, Trinidad Tapia, 19, and Gilberto Ortiz, 32, fled the scene but were arrested by police soon after the attack. Both were charged with assault with intent to cause physical injury with a weapon, a felony, and released on their own recognizance. The Queens County District Attorney has declined to investigate the attack as a hate crime.
And via Shakesville:
On average, at least one transgender person is killed in the US each month. It seems only by the intervention of "good fortune" that Ms. Mora didn't join so many of our sisters and brothers already listed at the Transgender Day of Remembrance site.
Keep Ms. Mora in your thoughts as she makes her way towards recovery.

ETA: For a trans perspective on this, please visit Transwoman Times.


  1. another reminder that we have a long way to go.

  2. Terrible shit. Why is the hatred still so pervasive?

  3. I've written a bit more about the incident on my blog:


  4. I don't understand this, just don't.


  5. On average, at least one transgender person is killed in the US each month.

    Horrifying. What on EARTH is happening on this planet sometimes?

  6. The horrifying thing is that it's not that uncommon. :(


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