Saturday, July 4, 2009

Concentrated cute


Sorry for the lack of substantive posting today folks. Holiday and all that.

BIG thanks to everyone who submitted to 50 Books for Post-Modern Times, which is now re-titled:

50 Books for Problematic Times!
(see what I did there?)

I am SUPER EXCITED! 50BPT (as I am calling it) is going to take longer than I initially anticipated to get it organized. I've tentatively set the start date for 7/20, and you can expect to see another call for entries at the top of the page starting Monday and probably until then.

Happy Fourth of July! Two posts planned for tomorrow. Here is another concentrated shot of cute, courtesy of (left) and August (right, and above). These two are making out on my carpet as I write.

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  1. Substantial blog posts not necessary every day - we like the light and fluffy, too!

    And kudos on the new book list title. Me likes :) Looking forward to reading the first ones in a little while.

    Now, better get cracking on that entry!


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