Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Cynthia McKinney's Kidnapping on Womanist Musings

I should have blogged about former Congresswoman & presidential candidate and current public servant Cynthia McKinney's kidnapping when I first heard about this at Siditty, but I figured others would pick up the ball. Since Renee is the only other source I've seen talking about it in the (mostly feminist) blogs I read, I want to link to/recommend her Womanist Musings analysis:

Had it not been for twitter, I doubt that I would even have been aware that Cynthia McKinney was held hostage in Israel after attempting to deliver aid and supplies to the Palestinians. There has been a resounding silence on this issue as CNN, MSNBC and other mainstream media sources rush to give us the latest news on the death of Michael Jackson.

Jackson was truly an iconic figure, however the man is dead and Cynthia is alive. His memorial is receiving massive coverage and the announcement that his body would be present was considered breaking news. Even Palin’s resignation has garnered more media and internet attention. Though McKinney is safely back on US soil, her wellbeing during her ordeal was of little concern.

As celebrities and media personnel rush to speak about the ways in which Michael Jackson transcended race, the erasure of the plight of McKinney proves that race and gender continue to divide the country.
Read it here.


  1. For what it's worth, I'm almost 100% sure I first heard about this situation regarding Cynthia McKinney on either CNN, MSNBC, and/or Huffingtonpost when the story originally broke.


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