Friday, July 24, 2009

FloydFest and favorite links

I mentioned earlier this week that I would be MIA this weekend, but I didn't mention why. I'm going to another music festival, but a much more local one this time: FloydFest 2009!

FloydFest is only about an hour and a half away from our home in the Roanoke area, and it's home to a lot of great rootsy music - bluegrass, Americana, folk, etc. There are too many great bands to skip considering it's so close, so that is where I will be this weekend, without the Internet (or, um, a shower).

As a content filler this weekend, I'm going to be posting videos from some of the great bands we're seeing this weekend. Music posts tend to be some of my most popular posts, so hopefully you'll enjoy them. There will be no links post Sunday, but it will be returning next week.

To get your Deeply Problematic fix, let me direct you to a few of my favorite posts from the archives:

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Have a great weekend, and thanks for reading.

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