Sunday, July 12, 2009

Links and Housekeeping

Hello all! I hope you have had a good week. This coming week promises to be exciting for me! My parents are driving to my home in Virginia from Kansas to visit - first time I've seen them in six months, and the first time they've been in my home.

This means that my posting schedule will be scaled back quite a bit. I am working on some "advance" pieces on sororities, reproductive health, sexual harassment, and language in reference to the man I live with. Hopefully there will be SOME kind of intersectionality later in the week, when I have time to be deliberate and respond to potential criticism.

There will most likely be few to no timely posts. In its place, though, will be the very best kind of filler: kitties.

In keeping with this, I'm pushing back the start of 50 Books for Problematic Times to August 1. I need a little more time to consider promotion and solicit entries. This also coincides with my site design re-launch.

I learned a lot this week from the following posts:

Pondering the Death of Robert McNamera
Pathologists Terrill Tops and Dorkina Myrick
Wordless Wednesdays: Cupcakes and Gummi Bears
Perez Hilton, Bruno, and the Gay Panic Offense
White Liberalism has Boundaries
Measuring Abortion Beliefs
Julie & Julia
There are norms, and then there are norms
How The Average US Consumer Spends Their Paycheck
A Rant: Miley Cyrus, Thigh-High Boots, and the Fetishization of Youth
Beat The Majority: Name a Female Scientist
Things That Make My Life Easier: TENS Edition
Obama The Monkey What An Honor
Ask Professor Foxy: Will My Bisexual Fantasies Ruin My Heterosexual Sex Life?
Sasha Baron Cohen's Humor is Lost on Me
Delta Red-Dress Double Fail

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