Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Megan Fox sexually harrassed by Michael Bay

I thought this item about often problematic Megan Fox* was interesting:
When the sizzling star of "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" went to director Michael Bay's house to audition for the part, "He made her wash his Ferrari while he filmed her," reports Jason Solomons in Britain's Guardian.
So, let's recap.

When Megan Fox went to audition for an acting position, she did not go to an office, or studio, or another neutral third-party location specifically related to the position she planned to take. She was not treated as a professional, in deference to and respect for the experience she brings to the position, or even to the project she plans to join. Her qualifications for the position were not carefully reviewed and sampled.

Instead, Fox was taken to the intimate and personal residence of her potential male supervisor. Once there, she was forced to don revealing and sexualized clothing.** Subsequently, she was made to clean the personal possessions of the potential supervisor.

How is that not sexual harassment? How does this translate to a healthy and safe working environment?

Some would say that Fox was complicit in and eager for this harassment, but that doesn't make it not harassment. Fox is not on the same level as Bay. She couldn't say no, unless she wanted to give up a huge professional opportunity. It's a humiliating, voyeuristic assertion of power by someone who wanted to subjugate Fox in a very specific way.

Via Jezebel

*BY THE WAY: Megan Fox is the star of the upcoming Jennifer's Body, which in a rare rare move for Hollywood was directed by, written by, and starring TWO women!
**Apparently, this is not in the source material - I conflated bikinis & washing cars. I stand by the rest of it.


  1. Megan Fox is just begging to be taken seriously somehow. And Michael Bay is a dick.

    I didn't ever see anything about sexually revealing clothing during her 'audition', though. Did you just assume that was the case? Not saying you're wrong, because you're probably right. But I didn't see that in any of the linked articles.

  2. Why am I not surprised by this? Just look at how her character is portrayed in the Transformers movies themselves, it's not that surprising that Bay treats her like this in real life too. Still upsetting and harassment, but not surprising...which is truly the sad thing.

    I wrote about how women are portrayed in Transformers 2, focusing on Mikaela Banes, the character that Megan Fox plays on my blog. Here's the link: http://youngfeministadventures.blogspot.com/2009/06/i-saw-transformers-2-revenge-of-fallen.html

  3. I didn't ever see anything about sexually revealing clothing during her 'audition', though. Did you just assume that was the case?

    Oops, you're right, I did assume that! I'll take it out.

    Laura: that article is actually already linked :)

  4. I actually posted a link to a different article. One specifically about Transformers. I just can't get enough of Megan Fox, I guess...

    I'm still deciding what I think about the new movie Jennifer's Body...should be interesting at least.

  5. You're right, she may be complicit, but it's STILL harassment.

    But man, she drives me crazy. She has said multiple times that she only wants to be a sex symbol, argh. I mean, She probably feels that way because that's the only real way into hollywood & she's realized that, and everyone else is objectified so she just internalizes that & wants it herself... and she lives a big space open for people like Michael Bay to take advantage of her.

    That upcoming movie looks terrible, though. Women don't inherently make feminist films. We internalize the same stuff & perpetuate the same stuff. Bitch had a quick run down of some of the feministy pros & cons from what we can see of that movie... and it sounds pretty same-old-same-old misogynistic horror flick to me. But yay for a film that will probably do pretty well made by & with lots of females. Maybe it will remind hollywood that hey, people watch stuff made by females (Lyke, OMG)

  6. Yeah, Megan Fox can be pretty infuriating. But she's only 23 and she's just regurgitating behavior that she has learned will be rewarded.

    I think the movie looks interesting and funny. Certainly it'll trot out some old tropes, but I don't see how a horror movie with two female leads and a female villian is same-old same-old misogynistic stuff. It could be, but I think everyone involved is interesting, so I'll wait to see the flick. I like Cody's work, so I'm excited.

    I saw the Bitch piece....I thought it was a little shallow.

  7. i'm very much disturbed by the tone of the first article you linked is all for the dudes, demanding to be shown this video. i'm also disturbed that Michael Bay would turn and ACTING audition into something pornographic. Michael Bay really is the devil.

  8. Fox auditioned for
    a sexy car-washing role
    by washing a car.

    Sexist audition
    for a sexist part in a
    sexist (dumb) movie.


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