Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sarah Palin, taken out of context

I'm sort of sympathetic to Sarah Palin. Granted, she's awful, but she's subject to a LOT of concentrated sexism (some of which she is complicit in). And I think that many of her moves are of minor political brilliance (that is to say, attention-getting).

Anyway, her charisma and possible smarts are completely obscured by her lack of erudition. To me, she sounds like a peppy teen writing Bible fan-fiction (link is not safe, just hilarious). Which gave rise to this, some completely out-of-context quotes from her weird resignation speech (above).

So, Sarah Palin, taken out of context:
  • It's energy! God gave us energy.
  • I do not want to disappoint anyone with my decision; all I can ask is that you TRUST me with this decision - but it's no more "politics as usual".
  • Bold visionaries knew this - Alaska would be part of America's great destiny.
  • In fact, this decision comes after much consideration, and finally polling the most important people in my life - my children (where the count was unanimous... well, in response to asking: "Want me to make a positive difference and fight for ALL our children's future from OUTSIDE the Governor's office?"
  • So much success in this first term - and with this success I am proud to take credit... for hiring the right people!
  • Even those debt-ridden stimulus dollars that would force the heavy hand of federal government into our communities with an "all-knowing attitude" - I have taken the slings and arrows with that unpopular move to veto because I know being right is better than being popular.
  • If I have learned one thing: LIFE is about choices! [Ed. note: Really?]
  • I've explained why... though I think of the saying on my parents' refrigerator that says "Don't explain: your friends don't need it and your enemies won't believe you anyway." But I have given my reasons... no more "politics as usual" and I am taking my fight for what's right - for Alaska - in a new direction.

The whole transcript is like this. Full of incomplete sentences, half-finished metaphors, ALL CAPS, and punctuation. The weird thing is that it's actually worse in her speech. In transcripts, the endless hyphens and ellipses are almost poetic, but they're landmines in her speech.


  1. I think i get this:

    If I have learned one thing: LIFE is about choices!

    and it makes me laugh a little

    I have a lot of thoughts about her, so I won't take up this comment to put my thoughts, but I will see her presence gave us some great comedy routines

  2. ... and she slid slowly into the murky historical waters of the nowhere to be found file.

  3. Oh, Sarah Palin. It's time to resign. You betcha.


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