Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Transphobic Douchebags on Feministing

The Feministing community posts are generally really high-quality. Today, I learned of some awesome news through Josh T's post on there (cross posted here):
Last week the Maine Human Rights Commission ruled in favor of a transgender girl’s right to use the girls bathroom at school. Asa Adams School allowed the girl to use the restroom that matched her gender identity until a boy, who it seems was encouraged by his grandfather, harassed her and followed her into the bathroom. School officials then told the girl she had to use the single-stall faculty bathroom.
But this comment on the post from marriedinohio brought me out of "yay" and into "ew":
LOL. [1] I'm glad that in Ohio most people have common sense. [2] If small boys and girls were allowed to go to the same bathroom they would play doctor. That is just what kids do - they are curious about everyone around them and themselves. In high school the kids would be having sex because that is what teenagers have on their minds. [3] This is not the purpose for school. Also, as a grown woman, I don't want to be in a small, confined, non-public space that generally does not have cameras, with a biological male. The fact is, the chances of a woman being assaulted in her lifetime is high enough as it is. I don't care who they think they are. [4, emphasis mine] If I see a biological male in the women's restroom I'm whipping out my cellphone and dialing 911. I'm not going to wait around and find out if they are there to rape me or if they are there because they think they belong there. [5]
1. Not fucking funny.
2. All evidence to the contrary.
3. Yes, trans girls and boys are going in there to have sex with cis girls and boys. Because their primary concern - prepubescent or adolescent - is sex, sex, sex. Not, you know, a natural and universally human function like evacuation.
4. Sit the fuck down. This young girl clearly knows who she is, and it's not her that's threatening violence or harassment - it's a cis boy. It's your problem that you don't have the decency to address her for what she is.
5. They do belong there. Because they need to pee. Because, contrary to your belief, trans folks are human. Would you rather them face violence, as this little girl did?
Bottom line: assholes feel entitled to be assholes where ever they are. Even when entering a feminist space, even in a trans-centric space, they feel obligated or entitled to spew their hatred and ignorance.


  1. i cannot stand the obvious privilege-filled hate this commenter is invoking with these "opinions." she's clearly ignorant of the dangers trans people consistently face. i am glad at least that the comment has been removed from the original posting.

  2. What a jerk!

    Moreover, I've even heard of people calling the guards because a ciswoman entered a women's public restroom without looking "feminine enough."


    Who knows, maybe someday a decade or two or three from now the hater will go to a women's public restroom to pee and another hater a generation younger will whip out her whatever-will-come-after-the-cellphone to dial 911 because she thinks the older hater is a biological male because the older hater forgot to shave her arms or whatever else the younger hater's generation's standards include in what a woman has to meet in their society to be "feminine enough"...?

  3. I am so tired of "radical feminists" who believe in hating all "biological" men with no logic to back it up, and acting trans women's lives are dripping with male privlege. If some random person doesn't know she's trans and just sees a woman, she likely gets the same treatment and opportunities all women get, but if they do know she was "born male" or whatever, she's likely to be the target of violence, discust and ridicule. Yeah, sounds like a party. And people who call themselves feminists are making it worse. They don't just see trans women as men, they see them all as straight male rapists. Dicks don't rape people, people rape people.


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