Friday, August 14, 2009

Mad Men Reading List

Mad Men has dominated my writing and reading the week. I've written posts about or inspired about it three time this week, and they've gotten a lot of attention (comparatively) and inspired fierce discussion in the comments. And I've been reading about the show just as much as I've been writing about it. In the run-up to tomorrow's premiere (which, FYI, I will not be watching until later in the week) I thought I'd offer some of the best of what I've been reading:

LaToya Peterson's coverage of race in the show is spot-on - if you read one post on Mad Men from this, make is this post at Double X. She posted two more at Racialicious: one on Pete Campbell and one follow-up.

Probably my personal favorite piece I've read is this long form interview with Matt Weiner and others involved in the creation of the show. The piece focuses on the authenticity that Weiner strives to create, which seems paradoxically appropriate for a show about inauthenticity.

meloukhia covers Joan's body and its construction more specifically in the Mad Men universe.
This is old, and I think I linked it before, but there was an interesting discussion from G.D. of PostBougie on race in Mad Men at Feministe a couple weeks ago.

Bitch Blog covers the show, and their sometimes discomforting fans.

Feministing covers the women-dominated writing staff (more great links there that I haven't read thoroughly enough to recommend).

Amanda Marcotte covers the idea of cool and ponders future directions for the show.


I'd like to make one other note: I'm going to be off the Internet altogether from Saturday morning to Sunday afternoon. I'm a little anxious about leaving comment moderation off as I usually do, so if you see anything that's horrific, shoot me an email about it and I will make sure to delete that ASAP upon my return.

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