Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Monday Roundup

Nothing to do with feminism, just what's on my mind...

Hello all!

I am having a rough week, getting a little cabin fever after three months working solely from home. My fella is also in a changing space, and it's starting to get to us (and our cats!). After a month of quite abundant inspiration, I'm feeling the lack thereof, so posting may be more news-based and less analytical. If you've got any suggestions (or guest-posts!) please, direct my way.

Tomorrow! Watch for a Television Tuesday guest-post on Otalia from Kate M.

Some good readin' today:

For Blue Eyes: Pecola Breedlove Lives - Renee posts on hueism, hair, and internalized hatred.

Defense Attorneys Want Victim to Act Out Alleged Rape in Court - It's about as ridiculous and awful as it sounds.

Owning My Thin Privilege - Proud to be mentioned in the first line of this stellar post from Laura.

Every Week, Something New And Awful (updated) - Recursive Paradox is brave enough to speak up about her experience of sexual harrassment via phone.

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