Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday Roundup

What an exciting week this has been!

Traffic is way up, thanks to the link generosity on the part of Womanist Musings, Feministing, Feministe, and Shakesville. New traffic has meant wonderful conversation and discussion on a great many posts this week - a lot of super smart readers have offered terrific critiques of what I've written. Thanks so much!

Please check out the newly-updated blogroll to the left for some more reading. If you'd like me to add you to the blogroll or want a reciprocal link, please let me know! I'll categorize them for easier surfing next time around, promise.

If you comment, I encourage you to link to relevant posts of yours. And if you've got something that you think would work for DP or fit into one of my weekly features (Music Monday, Television Tuesday, Tasty Thursday), link it to me, baby.

Here are the posts I've loved since the Thursday Roundup:

Most crucially: I know a lot of my regular readers are in California, so I urge them to check out these links: Shark-fu has an extremely important post on a missing black boy, Hassani Campbell, at right. Campbell, age five, lives in the Oakland area and has not been seen since Monday. You can also read about him here. If you have any information on Hassani Campbell, who has cerebral palsy, please call the Oakland police at: 510-238-3641

Melissa McEwan of Shakesville knocks it out of the fucking park with this post: The Terrible Bargain We Have Regretfully Struck. Seriously amazing. It's a meditation on how we can simultaneously love and mistrust men, and how they can love us and hurt us. (Or that's my projection.) Collect yourself, and read it.

meloukhia has a totally rad breakdown of the arguments of fatphobics: But, I’m Just Worried About You

Sociological Images has also been great this weekend, with four amazing posts: Black “Lil’ Monkey” Baby Doll; Hollywood Discomfort with Asian Lead Characters; Men Without Sports Knowledge/Skills Are Inadequate Human Beings; Undifferentiated Groups of Asians as Ad Props

Frau Sally Benz has been doing some great writing on polyamory this week, and I'm really excited to see more from her and explore my monoamory privilege. Here's a post yesterday on things that she and her partner do and do not do well.

Monica covers a disgusting incident where racism, sizism, sexism, and heterosexims collided: Dr. Story Gets Public Apology

Laura of Adventures of a Young Feminist covers fatphobia in PETA.

Terrific post over at Feministe on an opportunity for an able-bodied actress to play a woman in a wheelchair who eventually gets to walk, fuck, and generally be fully human and not gross and disabled.

Daisy covers John Edwards, who is crappy.

Over at fetch me my axe, belledame points out a bit of blatant cissexism: Flying while transgendered: no match, no flight.

Awesome Sunday Shame over at Womanist Musings when Renee asks what, exactly, is in your fridge (My answer: enough that I'm worried right-to-lifers will begin protesting when I clean it out.)

Professor Foxy breaks Internet safety and kinks down over at Feministing.


  1. Aw, thanks for the link love! About 15 minutes after I posted that, I got a troll with a fascinating update about how fat is unhealthy! It was awesome.


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