Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday Roundup

My cat!

Hello all! I'm just a tad Internet fatigued and broke, which means that I am more than ready to go back to my bill-paying jobs. I work in education, so I'm gearing up to go back to school along with everyone else.

Here are some posts I liked this weekend:

Hollister Continues Sexualization of Teens

Have Mercy! A history of African-American-Targeted Advertising. By Paul Smalera

Black Female Athlete Dominates Competition-Gets Gender Identity Questioned

Judge calls SD anti-choice law "untruthful and misleading"

“Normal” Woman’s Body Published in Glamour…and People Like It!

Shut Up Fool! Awards-Dissing Sistah Athletes Edition

Germaine Greer Paints a Portrait of Transphobic Feminism

Michele Bachmann wants control over her own body!

Two More Things

Male/Female: Broken Language?

wonder where to start when they join the fight against racism

UPDATE: Discrediting Merkel by Focusing on Her Breasts

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