Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Take This Bread, by Sarah Miles: a review by Elena

Today's entry comes from Elena. Thanks Elena!
Take This Bread, by Sarah Miles

Sarah Miles's Take This Bread chronicles how her lifelong love of food, and her spiritual journey converged and inspired her to open a pantry at a wealthy church in San Francisco, CA.
I found this book inspiring because, although Miles writes about her personal experience with faith and Christianity, Take This Bread never becomes an altar call.
Take This Bread is extremely relevant because Miles writes about the politics of food, how church and state are often unfortunately entwined, and the experience of being a lesbian in a church grappling with risking schism in order to promote LGBTQ equality.
Food has always been part of the cultural narrative, and flawed political and agricultural policies perpetuate starvation in a land of plenty.
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