Friday, August 28, 2009

Thursday/Friday Roundup

Here's what I learned from around the blogosphere today and yesterday:

Tyli'a "NaNa Boo" Mack and another unidentified woman were stabbed in a vicious trans misogynistic hate crime only two blocks from DC Transgender Health Empowerment. Mack may have been targeted for refusing to be silenced in the face of oppression. To compound the tragedy, these women were hatefully degendered or had their gender erased by identifying the victims as "transgender males" in initial coverage of the attacks by Fox and NBC (both stories, which I will not link, have been changed without any kind of note of the correction).* There is a vigil tomorrow for the loss of these brave women. Coverage from Jos at Feministing, in which she is kind enough to link my post on Janey Kay, is here.

August 28 is a memorable day in civil rights history for many reasons. Allison McCarthy connects the death of Emmet Till, the "I Have A Dream" speech, and Obama's nomination last year on Global Comment.

Great conversation over at Laura's space on whether or not a man can be a feminist.

Renee covers scooter accessibility at Womanist Musings.

You all have probably heard about how Ted Kennedy was an "LBGT" advocate. Via TransGriot comes this piece explaining why the "T" part of that isn't valid.

I'm in a LTR, and this piece comparing the baby and wedding industry articulated a lot of my fears about my future with my partner.

Chally talks about her mother's struggle to have folks recognize it when she changed her name back. I'm very proud to have the McCarthy part of my name come from my mother following Lucy Stone's example, and we often had to hang up the phone on folks who called looking for Mrs. James.

Want some lemonade? 25 cents if you're a skinny able-bodied white cis straight man! $5 if you're a fat trans disabled woman of color!

meloukhia ponders the merits of photographed graffiti.

Cara covers another disgusting example of how rape victims are further victimized.

Ann at Feministing reviews a book on tallness. I'm 5'10.5 myself, and I loved it.

Monica covers the story of model Tenika Watson and how she was out-ed as a trans woman.

Blackkittenroar responds to commands to comb her hair.

Ruth Moss admits her fantasy of being thin.

*I apologize for participating in this degendering by referring to Mack and the other woman as "trans men" on Twitter. No matter my intentions, disrespecting and disregarding these women's identity is unacceptable. I should have been more skeptical of news media in reporting it to my Twitter followers. Thanks to Lucy and voz for setting me straight. For some instruction from voz on how to react to coverage of trans violence in the media, please see my retweets (hers are protected) here, here, and here.


  1. Blackkittenroar link points to wrong url...

  2. Thanks for the heads up! The link has been changed.


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