Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thursday Roundup

This exists.

Hey all! Hope you're having a lovely week and have thrilling plans for the weekend. Here's what I liked around the internets today.

Macon D. has some interesting thoughts on racist memorabilia.

Monica thinks on beauty, upkeep and self-esteem.

LaToya rejects the pink-ifying of computers.

Snappy little post on Google's "joke of the day", which apparently means "sexist joke of the day", at Gynomite.

Frau Sally Benz covers intersexuality, AbbyJean talks about gender tests for cis athletes.

meloukhia's got a great response to my post on vegetarianism from a few weeks ago.

The Abortioneers have a great post on what happens after the abortion.

Daisy uncovers the truth about Andrea Dworkin.

Finally, Female Impersonator has a carnival of feminists up (of which I am a part, thank you very much!) Check it out.

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