Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday Roundup

Hello readers new and old! Today has been exciting - I was stung by a bee and linked on Feministing, both for the first time. The former still stings a little bit, but the sweet incoming rush of readers is a lovely salve and great encouragement.

Here are some links that I want to share today:

Late-term abortion provider Dr. Carhart has been abandoned by federal marshals - directly after death threats from anti-abortion folks. You can do something about it.

Am I Overreacting? Hell no!

Eunice Kennedy Shriver died yesterday. Shark-fu contemplates her legacy: Remembering Eunice Kennedy Shriver…

Dear Het Men, an affirming poetic post.

Renee offers an analysis of Andre Edwards' story. Trans Woman Fired In A Case Of Discrimination

Monica of TransGriot remembers some fallen friends:Rest In Peace Stephanie and Ukea

Women Do Not Exist For the Sole Purpose of Appeasing Men: some problematic language w/r/t sex work, but I thought this was a great post that was very relevant to my post yesterday.


  1. Thanks for the link about calling in support of Dr. Carhart - I will be making a call.

  2. Thanks for the link love RMJ. I'm glad that post resonates with people but i wish even more that no one had to say it.


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