Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wednesday Roundup

Today has been weirdly tough for no reason at all. I find that I'm just barely pooping along.

Tomorrow should be exciting, though. In 50 Books for Problematic Times, I'll be reviewing Jennifer 8. Lee's Fortune Cookie Chronicles. I'm also planning to inaugurate Tasty Thursday, with a post about how I came to love cooking and an illustrated recipe for garlic grilled cheese.

Moving onto links, Meloukhia has a necessary reflection on how folks view fatness and dating: Dating and Hating

There's a great conversation going on over at Feministe about Mad Men: Misogynists are Cads, Racists are Monsters

Chally reflects on passing in An observation

The always incisive Lisa at Questioning Transphobia responds to some noise about brain sex in a very thorough, nuanced, and heavy critique: Critiquing Genderqueer Transsexualphobia

You might have seen this post on the social conditioning of violence against women, but it bears reposting: Another post about rape

Horrifying story about expectant mother forced into bed when she asks for a second opinion: Who Gets to Make Medical Decisions for Pregnant Women?

Defending Secretary Clinton: Does This Sound Familiar?

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