Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wednesday Roundup

Via Cara

Hello all! It's been an interesting day. If you haven't checked out my post on ableist language and "blindness", please go check it out, particularly the well-written, well-thought-out conversation going on in my comments. I love my readers for asking questions and disagreeing in such an articulate and respectful manner.

Tomorrow you can (maybe) expect a post on drinking and (definitely) a recipe for avocado macaroni salad. But today, you should try these on for size:

Tami talks about the South African runner whose gender is being questioned. Via that article, I found an old and terrific post from Monica on cis woman Ciara being called a "tranny".

Ashley at Small Strokes considers healthy eating as a vegetarian.

Daisy recounts a scary health care town meeting.

Renee called to my attention this sickening display of transphobia from Conan O'Brien.

Jezebel covers the story of a girl bullied (or triggered by bullying) into anorexia.

Bitch Blog is doing a fun history of Lois Lane.

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  1. Ergh, "gender verification" is one of my pet peeves. I imagine it's going to be popping up more and more what with the 2010 Olympics rapidly approaching.

    It's also really disappointing to me that a lot of stories on the issue are framing it as "men are trying to compete as women!!!!!!" instead of taking an opportunity for a teachable moment in which there could be an actual discussion about gender as a spectrum and sexual differentiation disorders.


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