Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wednesday Roundup

Hey all! Hope you've had a lovely day. I'm going to get right to it - I'm about to go back to work, so I'm trying to get things in order and am pretty busy....

First off, the late Ted Kennedy. Kennedy accomplished a lot, and advocated for women and reproductive health in particular on a number of occasions. However, I'm not one to glorify people even immediately after they pass, so beyond the post above, I'm not going to link to any posts that seek to do just that here - you can find them easy enough on your own. So, here are some posts that take a much more critical look at his life and legacy - including the woman he killed, the rapist he protected, and his cis supremacy:

Shakesville: Teddy

Recursive Paradox: Bros before Hos: A Post Ted Kennedy Story

Daisy's Dead Air: Mary Jo Kopechne 1940-1969, More on Ted Kennedy

Renegade Evolution has some thoughts on porn, and her ownership of it issues.

Shark-Fu gets right to it: By request, my thoughts on Glenn Beck’s show’s emaciated advertising…

Chris MacDean takes white privilege within the Queerty community to task.

Cara at Feministe: Six Women Murdered, Three Still Missing, and Nobody Seems to Notice

ETA: Laurie was kind enough to send me this link in regards to serial killer story on Feministe above - there are apparently two more victims.


  1. FYI, the Shark Fu link is...not a link!

  2. In relation to the last link, here's something that I learned about only recently, with the discovery of the EIGHTH woman's body:

    Same situation: rural women with a history of drugs and/or sex work. Ages between 17-29, turning up dead since 2005.

    This is local to me, now. And terrifying.


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