Friday, August 28, 2009

Welcome new readers!

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Hi folks! Huge upswing in visits the past few days thanks to kind links to my post on the framing of Janey Kay's attack from voz (whose help in writing that piece was instructive and invaluable) and Feministing. So, welcome! If you're new here, I've pulled together some older posts for your perusal. Most of them are not time sensitive, and many of them may have oppressive language - I'm constantly learning and growing and making mistakes, so if you see an issue or an example of me inflicting privilege, I welcome your calling it out.
I highly recommend checking out my current series, 50 Books for Problematic Times, which profiles authors with non-normative bodies for the publishing industry (meaning, not white straight cis men.) If you have a suggestion, I am still taking submissions at the call for entries.

To my regular readers: I'm sorry about the unpredictable schedule lately. Life has been getting in the way on a regular basis. I am most productive when I'm busy, and I'm back to work next week, so you can expect more out of me then. If you missed my Tasty Thursday today, hit it up for some sweet potato goodness.

50BPT continues throughout the weekend and into next week - look for reviews from amazing women like Allison McCarthy and Daisy this weekend. I believe I promised a review of Jennifer Finney Boylan's memoir She's Not There, but I want to fully cover its virtues and flaws and I'm a bit too weary to do that competently right now.

Links in a moment. Thank you so much for reading.

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