Monday, August 3, 2009

Welcome to Deeply Problematic 2.0!

Welcome to the re-designed, re-invigorated Deeply Problematic! I'm still working out issues, but I want to introduce a few new features of the site to you:

New look

The new header and background are courtesy of the lovely Faye Daigler . At the top are shiny new sections directing you to the about section and contact information, ways to support DP, other places to find me, and (currently) 50 Books for Problematic Times.

The header is based on a very old box of MASSIVE footlong pads given to me by an older lady friend (long story). The background (which you can see in greater detail at my twitter) is of various menstrual and birth-control devices that I've collected from my personal usage.

Birth control, menstruation, and my body are daily concerns for me and are central to my feminism; they have been strong presences in my writing, academic work, and feminist growth for many years. I felt very strongly drawn to the background and layout you see today as a manifestation of some of my central feminist concerns (though they are not my only concerns). It's how I feel most comfortable expressing myself and my space.

It's also a less righteous reflection of the fact that this space is centered around the experiences of a young cis woman. I strive to be an ally to trans women and older women, and I hope that this layout does not make this a hostile space for them. It's my eventual goal to make this site into a group blog (probably in about a year). Once this blog is less centered around my experiences, the layout and design will be changed to reflect that.

Other places to find me

I've launched an official Deeply Problematic Twitter! You can follow me and contact me there.

Daily roundup

At my shiny new Twitter, I'll be tweeting things that I find interesting throughout the day to my followers. At the end of the day, I'll post those links here, with some short descriptions.

Music Monday, TV Tuesday and RSS Friday

Music is one of my passions. I go to about a concert a week on average and listen to it constantly. Many of my most visited posts are about music. As such, I'm going to be posting concert reviews or artist recommendations on Monday, with my review of Paul McCartney's 8/1 show.

TV is another one of my favorite things. While I'm writing, I usually have a television going in the background, playing one of my faves. So every Tuesday, I'll discuss a (hopefully current) show, and discuss why I like it and how it fit

RSS Friday comes from Follow Friday on Twitter. On Friday, I will post a review of a site I read regularly and subscribe to through RSS.

Thanks for visiting! 50 Books for Problematic Times launches in an hour. I hope you stick around and join in!

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  1. lovely redesign :) i love where you are going ith this blog


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