Sunday, August 30, 2009

What We Deserve [Success Sunday]

Ariel sent this video to me when I asked for things that made people happy on Twitter. It's not exactly warm-and-fuzzy, but it's inspiring.

What We Deserve

From Sonya Renee

ETA: If you're not aware, "Women deserve better" is one of the mottos of the anti-sex ed, anti-birth control "Feminists For Life". For more on the speaker Sonya responds to, see Lauren in the comments.


  1. "Women deserve better than abortion" is actually the motto of Feminists for Life, a pro-life organization with anti-birth control and anti-sex ed positions (though they claim not to take a position on these issues). If the woman described by this speaker is who I think it is, she came to my university last year to speak at an even sponsored by our university's Coalition for Life. I went in respectful disagreement, but after hearing Karen Shablin give people who had real, on point questions the runaround, I was sickened. Sonya Renee is right on point.

  2. Lauren, thanks for sharing! I've made a couple notes based on your comment in the original post.

  3. She was telling it like IT T-I-S!!!

  4. I posted this video awhile ago but is certainly has not lost its punch. We should not sugar coat the struggles that we must go through to validate our existence. Women deserve so much more in this world and more of us need to stand up and demand it.


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