Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Monday/Tuesday Roundup

Okay, get ready: I've got quite a few belated links from today and yesterday:

Via Laura and Pieces of String, I arrived at this deconstruction of "[Straight Cis Woman A] is married to/engaged to/in a relationship with/it's complicated with [Straight Cis Woman B]."

A woman was disallowed from pumping - and (some) feminists gave it the thumbs up.

Raising My Boychick has some great thoughts on the downsides of her husband going back to work.

Renegade Evolution defends anal.

Another privilege I just hadn't realized I have - binary privilege.

Why it's important to talk about "the parts."

Rumer Willis isn't ugly.

The Female Impersonator talks about burning out. (I understand!) Angry Black Bitch also talks about getting tired.
The Bechdel test - for POC: The Johnson Test

Identifying trans folks by the right gender - so radical, it's recommended by the AP Stylebook!

meloukhia wonders why her big boobs are practically public property.

Renee covers the story of a gay youth kicked out for wearing a dress.

HEY LADIES! DID YOU KNOW THAT MEN LIKE SPORTS? YOU SHOULD KNOW HOW TO TALK ABOUT THEM BECAUSE OF THIS SOLID FACT! [Side note: I love sports and know a HELL of a lot more about them than my Southern fella, who hates football and only barely tolerates baseball, my family industry.]

I am ashamed to be a Kansan sometimes.

This made me smile and miss my mom.


  1. Wow, so much antifeminist vitriol on the pumping link. I really, really, really do not like being dragged into the mommy wars, but when I'm being tarred with the same brush used to paint nasty so-called feminists who undermine other women, I am forced to step up. Seriously, that article was NOT OK with me, because it was making a blanket statements about feminists/feminism.

    Feminism, to me, is about advocating for all women. Kate Harding, the woman who wrote the article about the mother who was discriminated against for breastfeeding, is a feminist. The Radical Doula, who advocates for better conditions for laboring women, is a feminist. I, who routinely object to discrimination against women for choosing to be mothers, for breastfeeding, for exerting the freedom to make choices about how/where they want to labor, am a feminist.

    So, please, don't say "feminists gave [discrimination] the thumbs up," because "feminists" didn't, some narrow-minded idiots who may or may not identify as feminists did. Say "yobbos gave it the thumbs up" or "closed minded idiots gave it the thumbs up." But, feminists? That offends me. Seriously, fuck that.

    (Sorry to go off on here like this, this whole thing has been pissing me off ever since I first saw a link to that post, and I didn't want to post there because I'm not interested in getting piled on.)

  2. Thanks for the link to my post on "the parts." Will bookmark the other links for reading too, thanks!

  3. Thanks for the linky love... Much appreciated. I keep meaning to put a link on my blog to yours, but Typepad makes that sort of thing a bigger job than it should be and I'm all out of hours in the day.

    The only part I find questionable is the "some" statement. I argue that there is no way a "feminist" could give a thumbs up to disallowing a woman from relieving her painfully engorged breasts. Sorry, but anyone hating a woman's biology is not a feminist - not be the furthest stretches of the imagination. If they claim to be a feminist, they are deluded. I can call myself a lot of things - doesn't make it true. I will always refer to these people as "feminists" - in quotations, because the real feminists don't take these actors seriously.

    And, it doesn't take a feminist to be angry about inequality in the workplace. It's something we all should be ticked off about.


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