Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sixth Carnival of Feminists

Welcome to the sixth Carnival of Feminists! I'm RMJ, and I'll be your host here at Deeply Problematic.

I've come across a lot of amazing writing while preparing this post - both submitted and sought. Thanks to everyone who submitted to this go-round!

Let's go ahead and get started!


Eva shares a story of Bitch from Bitch and Animal talking to her respectfully, at The Deal with Disability.

Laura self-examines her use of ableist language at Adventures of a Young Feminist.

If you haven't read meloukhia's letter to Feministing, it's necessary.

I am also loving the 101-esque series on ableist language at new blog FWD/Forward.

Trans women and cissexism

C.L. Minou takes apart the cissexist assumptions that the phrase "think like a man" implies at Below the Belt.

Recursive Paradox explains why you are not automatically trustworthy at Genderbitch.

Alexmac posts on how trans women are sexualized in an ongoing series at Shakesville.

Rape and violence (featuring Roman Polanski)

Mad Kane names some pro-rape Republicans - in limerick form.

[Trigger warning - thanks lhiannanshee for the tip.] Amanda Hess takes on the casual use of the verb "rape" at The Sexist.

Cruella turns the tables on Polanski defenders by asking what kind of violence her difficult personal history and artistic accomplishments win her.

Daisy analyzes Polanski's Repulsion as evidence of his violence towards women at Dead Air.

Lauren discusses how to move forward from Polanski at Feministe.

Phaedra Starling explains Shroedinger's Rapist.

Holly presents her dissection of Dollhouse over at Self-Portrait As.

Women's health

amandaw lays bare the immorality of pre-existing conditions at FWD.

Also in pre-existing conditions: the bloggers at Shapely Prose had a roundtable about the fat baby denied health insurance.

Apu exposes the biased state of kidney donation in India.

Race and racism
Lisa wonders what race mixing has to do with communism at Sociological Images.

Lesley calls out colonialism at Fatshionista.

Community and dialogue

Ashley discusses exclusionary language and comprehensive feminism at Small Strokes.

Deborah summarizes and reacts to an anti-essentialist philosophical argument at In A Strange Land.

meloukhia reflects on the difficulty of speaking up and the importance of co-signing at this ain't livin.

Chally presents her reasons for blogging at Zero at the Bone.


Sungold responds to David Letterman and workplace harrassment at KittyWampus.

Amanda critiques The Muppet Movie's depiction of street harrassment over at The Undomestic Goddess.

Fillyjonk asks readers how frequently they've been persistently bothered at Shapely Prose.


Mór Rígan dissects an article problematizing working mothers at Morrígan Reborn.

Geek Anachronism expounds on her feelings about breastfeeding.


The Celluloid Geek alerts us to a scary new law in California that seeks to define a fetus as a person.

Amanda Hess wonders why some fetuses are aborted and others are just reduced at the Sexist.


October is Sex-Ed Month of Action. Candace Webb has a strong argument against abstinence-only education at Womenstake.

Danine Spencer breaks down the Nobel laureates by gender.

Thanks, all, for submitting and reading! The next carnival is at Shut Up, Sit Down. Please submit here!


  1. This looks awesome! Thank you so much for all the hard work. (Also, can I say that it is funny that my Captcha is "comaid"?)

  2. Fantastic, RMJ. I love having the chance to find out what feminists all over the English-speaking world have been saying.

  3. Great job, RMJ! Thank you for linking me and FWD.

  4. Thanks so much for the link. The whole Polanski fiasco is a teachable feminist moment. I'm surprised at how many of my co-workers and customers (usually pretty conservative compared to me) are ready to tar and feather Polanski... most women see very clearly how a very privileged man has gotten away with raping a kid. (And why doesn't Hollywood?)

  5. Great bunch of posts ^^ Could you put a trigger warning, perhaps, on Amanda Hess's piece about the language in rape. The picture is a bit disturbing. Really interesting article though. :)

  6. Great carnival, lots of lovely reading material here. Thanks for your hard work putting it together! :D

  7. What a great carnival! Thanks for putting all these really interesting posts together.


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