Thursday, November 5, 2009

Lima Beans [Tasty Thursday]

Photo: Green lima beans.

Everybody hates lima beans. I mention them to my mom, she says ew. I mention them to my friends, they say ew.

"Ew" was pretty much my default response to vegetables in general before I moved into my own place last year. I decided that a radical shift in my living style that would necessitate a radical change in my diet, and to begin cooking for myself. Actually eating fruits and vegetables was the biggest shift I made from my previous diet of Mom and College foods, so I tried everything, and was surprised by what I did and did not like when I sampled them as side dishes. Okra? Sounds cool, but definite ew. Mushrooms? Rad texture.

Lima beans? Mind-blowing. I really don't get limaphobia. I have lima beans two to three nights a week. I thank lima beans for a solid digestive system.

Preparation suggestions: I only eat the frozen lima beans. These take 20-25 minutes to boil. In the last five minutes, I slowly melt some butter in another pan, and add a moderate amount of basil and garlic powder. I also add lemon pepper, but very sparingly. Add the lima beans, and cook at low (1 or 2) for ten minutes or more. I add more of the flavors above to taste.


  1. Boiling frozen vegatables is probably usually the wrong approach, unless you plan on using that water (like, a soup or whatnot). Otherwise you end up loosing a lot of flavour (and I understand vitamins, though I may be wrong on that point.)

    If you're going to end by frying them in butter (and there's nothing I don't recommend frying in butter), just start there too, maybe on a bit of a lower heat, and let 'em thaw out there. Then you loose nothing.

  2. HEY! i didn't know i liked limas until i had them at your chicken coop! and congrats on feministing!


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