Monday, November 9, 2009

"Need an amputee to complete my Halloween costume."

We're all used to seeing sexist, racist, or sizist Halloween costumes. They're a matter of fact, an example of how callous we are with others' identities and bodies - and that includes disabled bodies:

Image description: a screencap of a New York craigslist posting. The posting is listed under Brooklyn, in the section "activity partners".

The title is "Need an amputee to complete my Halloween costume."

The post reads: "So this might seem strange and really offensive to some but hopefully someone will reply. I have always loved the scene in Empire Strikes Back where Chewbacca has to carry around a half reconstructed C3PO in a backpack because he hasn't reattached his lower body yet. For Halloween I would love to dress up like this. I am big enough and strong enough to both pull off the Chewbacca look and carry around a lot of weight for the night. So basically I am looking for a double amputee (someone missing both legs - preferably at the hip) to accompany me as C3PO for the evening. We should meet ahead of time so we can work out the backpack/harness system. There are a few parties I want to hit and I think we will be the hit of any event we attend. Anyone up for this?"

Beneath the post are pictures of Chewbacca and C3PO from the Star Wars trilogy.

Yeah. Someone wanted a person to be their accessory so they could have a neat costume. The devaluation of another person down to the level of the OP's Chewbacca mask is an essential part of this plan. If it were just an example of their devotion to the specific scene, of just wanting a clever costume, they did not need to subjugate another human for it. C3PO costumes are not hard to find, and it would be plenty simple to just stuff a costume and put it in the backpack.

This is not a "sense of humor!" thing. This is a "someone is using a disabled person for their disability alone" thing. This is a "toting actual people around to impress our friends with how clever we are" thing.

This is an ableism thing.

Image comes from this post - shared by Lisa


  1. As we say where I come from (Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, USA): What kinda shit is that?

  2. Wow. Just when I thought that nothing else could shock and disgust me so thoroughly. This just made my soul puke.

  3. OMFG. I just... wow.
    This sentence in particular: "I am big enough and strong enough to... carry around a lot of weight for the night," just put me over the edge. Like a human being is just some "weight"? Why not just add that if anyone has a recently deceased, partially dismembered loved one, you'd like to borrow the body? I mean, you're well aware it may seem "really offensive to some," but go big or go home, right? "Hopefully someone will reply"!

    What paperwork do I need to fill out to resign from the human race?

  4. I actually don't find this that appalling. There is an obvious sense of humour about it.


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