Thursday, November 5, 2009

A new direction for Tasty Thursday

A black cat with a white nape sits with an attentive expression on a wooden chair, in front of a white plate with food on it on a wooden table. The plate of food includes red onions and green spinach with yellow olive oil. In the background is a white stove and refrigerator.

I've gotten some great reactions to Tasty Thursdays in the past, and I generally really enjoy writing them. Food is the stuff of life, and though it's as problematic as anything else, I think that it's something that we can coalesce around and bond over. Talking about eating, foods, meals is a common experience that can usually avoid drama and join us in a celebration of the key parts of life.

This is not universal (nothing is). Meat can ignite a firestorm. Prescriptive feminism (thanks to meloukhia for the terminology) with regard to food can also involve a lot of classism, regionalism, ableism, and sizeism. Telling people what they should and shouldn't eat when you have no idea if their stomach will take it, if they can afford it, and what they need nutritionally will never end well.

Recipes are too narrow and prescriptive for my cooking and my feminism (though unlike feminism I don't think that recipes are problematic in being prescriptive). I will look at a recipe for guidance, but I generally go by instinct with regard to seasoning and proportions of most dishes I cook.

So, I'm taking Tasty Thursday installments out of focus a little bit. Instead of offering recipes, I'll write more generally about different aspects of food. Maybe one day it'll be about a specific spice, or a vegetable. Maybe it'll be a method of preparing food. Maybe it'll be about drinking. Maybe it'll be about bodily processes with regard to food. Sometimes it'll offer tips for cooking, but it's not going to offer prep time, proportional ingredients, etc. I don't measure those things unless I'm baking, and everyone has a different palate, after all.

Any thoughts? What food/drink related topics would you like to see addressed in this space?


  1. I would actually really love to hear you talk about people who can't/don't drink alcohol; it's a consistent problem for me wherever I go in food-related spaces. People tend not to respect non-drinkers, to try and force alcohol on them, to not provide comparable options. ("water or champagne?" as opposed to "sparkling pear cider or champagne?", etc)

  2. Ooh, I totally agree with meloukhia!


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