Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hello again!

So, I’m back!

Why was I gone? There are a few reasons!

I work in education. Thus, I am a lot lot busier from September to May! Working fifty plus hours a week busy! But then, suddenly, summer arrives, and I am working zero to twenty hours a week. So, I have a lot more time during the summer. And hey, guess what? In the US, it is almost summer!

I was also not able to write publicly for a while. I have OCD and generalized anxiety, and it got way worse in October. The emotional load got to be too much. Blogging is hard, and reading critique of my work, my feelings, my words on a daily basis can get to be too much. My anxiety was interfering with my life. Though the blog was more of a contributing factor than a deciding factor, I got out of the habit of writing daily, and lost my nerve. I lost my ability to post regularly in front of a critical audience.

Right now, I’m okay, and I have enough time to manage my disability and devote time to writing.

I also have a lot of projects coming up. More on that later.

So, I am back! It might be just for the summer, though I hope not. I will probably be posting here about 3ish times a week, and finishing up 50 Books for Problematic Times. It is nice to be back. I missed this, and I’m excited to continue with this little adventure. Thank you for reading, for coming back.


I’m using this return post for another important announcement: Faye will be joining Deeply Problematic as a moderator and occasional contributor!

Faye is a friend of mine from school: a person I trust to be a smart, articulate, fair feminist. I’ve asked her because a) I trust her b) I know her to be smart and knowledgeable and c) she is willing and able to disagree with me.

Faye is here because I am not awesome at reading reactions to my work. I’m never sure what contributes to the conversation and what doesn’t, what I should respond to and what I should let stand as constructive critique, what I should reject and what I should publish. Not only was I not particularly competent, it was giving me tons of anxiety! Trouble eating, trouble sleeping, trouble writing. You know. Bad stuff as far as I'm concerned.

So, Faye is going to be acting as moderator – reading and choosing which comments to publish, responding to commentary and engaging in the community, and letting me know about particularly helpful comments and privilege checks. She will also be writing here on occasion, including a weekly feature in which she picks the best comments of the week. I will not be engaging in the comments very often.

Accordingly, the comments policy has been updated. Please check it out.

Though I’m sad to start missing the lovely things most of y’all had to say, I am very excited to have Faye around! She is making it possible for me to return.


  1. Yay! Welcome back :) Looking forward to new posts!

  2. Glad to have you back. Looking forward to reading you again.

  3. So nice to see you're back at it. Looking forward to many wonderful posts!


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