Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hello from Faye!

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Hello Deeply Problematic readers! (DPers? We need a group name, you guys. We've gotta keep up with Shakesville! ;D)

My name's Faye, and as you may have heard from RMJ, I'm coming on board as your comments mod. I was asked to introduce myself, and although I'm always a little awkward with that "tell me a little about yourself" part of the profile page, I'll do my best here (bear with me) because I think you deserve to know who this new person sticking her nose in the comment section is.

I graduated around a year ago (I attended the same school that RMJ did: we met there, although we've become closer friends over the internet, I think) with a degree in English and a few credits shy of a double major in women's studies; if you'd looked at my transcript closely you could probably tell I basically took an interdisciplinary major's worth of queer studies. Which wouldn't be getting me any more jobs right now ;D, but does tell you something about where some of my interests lie.

From a feminist perspective I'm very interested in queer politics and the fluidity/spectrum of gender sexuality. Other things that are important to me are agency/choice (in all aspects of lifestyle, from the right to have children and be a housewife, to sex worker's rights, to abortion rights) and body positivity (in all forms, from loving yourself, to body modification, to health care and mental health advocacy). ...Basically, I'm interested in a lot of things.

The body positivity movement has become particularly important to me in the last year, and I run my own body positive blog over at twitter at The Size Issue [--NSFW for occasional nudity]. I'm trying to blog more than RE-blog, which can become habitual on Tumblr; right now The Size Issue is sort of an outpost for pictures, news, studies and all sorts of things relevant to body!love.

I am lacking breadth in some areas, for example I'll be the first to admit my privilege when it comes to race. I'm a white (Jewish) girl and I have it pretty easy in that regard. So in discussions about the marginalization of women of color, I'll probably step back and listen rather than reply to comments. On the other hand, I DO have experience with disability and ablism, but that's a topic with such a range of differing experiences, that I don't know if I'll EVER be properly knowledgable about all of it! There are many issues like this that are sure to come up, things that I'm interested in, passionate about and a fighter for but that I may step back and listen instead of chattering with you guys after Rachel's post. These aren't areas I lack interest in, simply areas I don't know enough about or haven't the experience to share-- and I'm excited to hear from the people who do.

So, where were we? Outside of ramblings on the internet, I...try to pay the bills, mostly! :) I'm working retail right now, and trying to get to a place where I can freelance doing web design as a regular thing (for example, Deeply Problematic's design is something I put together from RMJ's concept). I have a wonderful girlfriend of almost 7 years who I'm engaged to (and someday might actually legally marry, even!) and we both live with our bff in an apartment in Chicago. I love writing, music of all kinds, art and traveling. I'm a huge geek and I like science fiction and fantasy in most types of media, and I love discussions about literature (see also: English major).

As a comment mod, I won't always agree with you, but I will always be fair. If you're breaking a straightup policy, even if I totally agree with the sentiment (eg, "Rush Limbaugh can go die in a fire"), it's not getting through. If you disagree, that's something that'll always be open for a good thoughtful conversation.

And expect to see me commenting back! I love talking. (Um, obviously.)

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