Friday, May 21, 2010

Kittens, and links!

Image: Three precious kittens in with white faces and brown and black markings on an arm in a row.

Hi all! I’m sorry I’ve been less than prolific this week, but there are currently some kittens in my life demanding a lot of attention.

Here’s what I’ve been writing elsewhere:

At Bitch: The Numbers: Lost and Race and Death On the Island and Off the Island. Thanks so much to Renee of Womanist Musings for her help on the second.

At Critical Drinking: Microwaves, Coffee, Laundry, Gardening Porn.

And now, some linkage:

Native Appropriations: Random Appropriation of the Day! (International Pow Wow)

Questioning Transphobia: Men of good character

stuff white people do: pay little attention to terrorism directed against minorities

FWD/Forward: In Which Rape Makes Me Angry

Female Impersonator: Celebrating Law Firm Diversity!

Siditty: RIP Aiyana Jones

The Abortioneers: In Memorium

I Fry Mine in Butter: Meet the New-clear Family

Womanist Musings: To Malcolm X on his 84th Birthday

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