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Choice Links

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Lucy Jane Stoner at Feminist Fatale: I Was a Teenage Anti-Feminist: Confessions of a Former Professional Celebrity Blogger
By engaging in and therefore perpetuating celebrity gossip, we never quite move entirely beyond the overbearing self-consciousness of adolescence to become realized, confident adult women. Instead we divide ourselves up in front of our computer screens to systematically dehumanize other women because their pores are too big, or their eyebrows are not plucked, or they enjoy having sexual partners, or simply because they have been constructed as the villain
s.e. smith at FWD/Forward: Bad Behaviour, continued: Eight Year Old Autistic Girl Arrested For Battery
Back in January, Evelyn Towry, an autistic third grader living in Idaho, just wanted to wear her cow hoodie1 and go to a birthday party and eat cake with her fellow students. Her teacher decided, for reasons that remain nebulous, that Evelyn wouldn’t be allowed to go until she took off her hoodie. Evelyn didn’t want to, so her teacher left her in a classroom with two staffers to guard her. She decided she wanted to leave, and a ‘scuffle’ ensued when the staffers tried to restrain her.
It ended with Evelyn’s arrest. For battery.
Charles Cooper at CBS News: Vaseline Issues "Skin-Whitening" App for Facebook
Vaseline has introduced a skin-lightening Facebook application designed to allow users to lighten their skin color in the profile pictures displayed on the social network site
Mercedes Allen at Dented Blue Mercedes:Trans People, “MSM” and HIV Study and Outreach
I get it that effective terminology must be given to identify target high-risk groups for the sake of study. I get it that the terminology needs to be both simple and encompassing. I get it that HIV is a serious issue and relevant to the trans community, though not all trans sub-groups are high-risk. I get it that penile-anal intercourse (PAI) risk groups can include trans women (indeed, we’re upset when we’re not). What I don’t and will not get is the gay community’s insistence that transsexual women are “really men” and how it’s such a bother having to state otherwise in order to be inclusive. To be fair, there are many folks in HIV study and advocacy who don’t feel or act that way, but the prevalence of MSM-exclusive study sure reinforces this impression.
kaninchenzero at Rabbit Lord of the Undead: Free Advice: A Bargain at Double the Price
You, as a white person, benefit from white privilege and the denial of opportunity to non-white people. Again, this is not anything about you personally — yet. This is an artefact of a racist society and is unavoidable. If you want to work against racism you need to be aware of how privilege works: It does not mean you personally do bad things to non-white people and get stacks of cash for it. It means that (to get into sport metaphors) you had an enormous head start and a relatively smooth path to run. Non-white people start from farther back and face more obstacles and are denied opportunities you don’t even notice because to you they’re just how things are. (And not all white people have all these benefits — but nearly all lack a lot of the disadvantages nearly all non-white people face.)
Zerlina L. Maxwell at Salon Broadsheet: Mel Gibson scandal: Ignoring domestic abuse
What has been overlooked in almost every single report of that incident is why Grigorieva was tape recording Gibson in the first place. She needed proof. Proof that Mel Gibson was abusive to her not only emotionally, but physically. She had already provided dental records in their custody fight to prove that he knocked her teeth out but Grigorieva still felt she needed more evidence to show the court that Gibson is much more than just politically incorrect, he's dangerous. Why is it that the detail about Gibson knocking Grigorieva's teeth out was literally a throwaway line at the very end of an article with a splashy headline detailing his latest racist diatribe? Why did it take so long for them to launch a formal investigation into his abuse?
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