Friday, July 16, 2010

Comment Roundup - or, Encouragement?

It's my birthday! But that's not what I'm here to talk about.

When I first jumped on board here at Deeply Problematic, one of my roles was supposed to be a weekly roundup of awesome, interesting, and thought-provoking comments (on both sides of discussions). I've been slackery in that role, and I apologize.

To be a comment of the week, you definitely don't have to agree with my or RMJ's opinions on things - just contribute a different or alternative perspective, an interesting link; something that makes us consider why we think the way we do or what we're thinking about this week. I found that there wasn't a ton of commenting, so I definitely want to encourage people to voice their opinions, whatever they are.

Now, without further ado...the Comments of the Week:

Reviving the older but always-relevant post I Am Pro-Abortion, Not Pro-Choice, sweetchild92 said:

(...)comments saying "you don't know if you're for the procedure until you've had one" come across as terribly patronizing. I don't see that being told to women who want to become pregnant/mothers. (...)You may know women who had the procedure and act one way, but I can say that I know women who haven't acted that way post-abortion. (...) And the "my would be abortion is now 3 years old" comment? Really, really unnecessary.
(Comments are abridged for space, but are linked so you can read in context.)

From More Female Instrumentalists..., Miranda comments:
you might want to consider investigating the riot grrrl movement more deeply(...) riot grrrl was in response to the sexism at punk shows and in the music industry in general-- as a result, riot grrrl bands were demonized as being more political than musicially inclined, thereby dismissing the music they DID make and negating the messages entirely.

Plus, they're so heavily linked to zine-making, which was so democratic, so cheap, and pre-blog(...)

In the post All Along The RSS Reader, K (hi, first time poster!!) wrote:
(...)I put up my Weekly blog link roundup today. I try to include stuff about sexual dysfunction whenever possible. There's stuff about general news in feminism too.

And then earlier I put up Shorties which is a series of disconnected short posts. The last of the shorties may be NSFW/TMI due to a frank (but not explicit) discussion of a sex act I did once so click with discretion.
I'm also not sure if any of the comments over on RMJ's post about United States of Tara for Televism at Bitch Magazine are by DP'ers, but it's a great thread and I definitely recommend it as well.

Congrats, commenters! Let's see some more great commenting in the next week!
-Faye, your friendly neighborhood comment mod


  1. Yay! I feel validated. I guess I'll stick around these here comment sections for awhile.

  2. I'm glad it made you feel welcome, K :)

    and thank you, Justine!


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