Friday, July 2, 2010

Library books constitute an excuse for a post.

Image: A picture from an old book of a person holding up their end of a cat's leash. The cat has one paw in the air and a displeased expression. The caption reads, "We don't try to force the cat to jump; it won't work."

The picture above describes my efforts to find something of substance to post about today. I Haven't seen any new stories ignored elsewhere, and all of my long analytical posts need another couple of drafts. I could work on my follow-up to my post on female musicians, but I don't have the energy.

Trying to post when I have no content and have had a shitty week is like trying to get a cat to do anything they don't want to do. It's also a little like:

Image: The cover of "Sex Lives of Animals Without Backbones" by Haig J. Najarian. Below the title are the words "Illustrated with drawings". The illustration shows two snails apparently about to get it on.

Snails, perhaps, could find something relevant to post about, and illustrate them with drawings. But today, I cannot.

Edited to add: I promised posts this weekend, but I am going out of town as it turns out, so I am going to avoid the Internet. See you Tuesday!

All images from the awesome blog Awful Library Books

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  1. Silly and funny posts like this are fine by me too. Not that you need permission. ;-)

    I kind of want to find that book now, just to read it in a highly visible public place.


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