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Description: A black and white cartoon from A smiling figure says: I'm in perfect shape and always have been, no matter what I eat or drink, and I think that fat people just need to diet and exercise.

Roxann Mt Joy: Pregnant Women Losing Out On Home Loans

You see, mortgage companies are now considering maternity leave to be the same as unemployment, and thus an immediate disqualification for a home loan. Even if a woman's leave is only scheduled for a couple weeks, that can still be enough to deny her application. The short-term disability insurance that new mothers can receive does not count as qualifying income, either, since it is only temporary. The irony is, of course, that many young families are looking to buy their first home because they are expecting a baby.
SteelRigged: I helped Teenagers get Secret Abortions
I spent my first year as a law student helping teenagers get abortions.   I worked the phones at a small non-profit called Jane’s Due Process, which as far as I know, is the only organization in the country that helps teens navigate the judicial bypass process to get abortions without parental consent or notification.   (You should Google it and make a donation right now.)  I am now a volunteer attorney for them.  It is righteous work.   I am  paranoid about telling people I about it.  I often leave it off my resume.
shemale: A trans woman in Planned Parenthood
She starts addressing my other health issue, which does involve my genitals (which she refers to as "male genitals"). Then she lets it slip that the issue was that the reason, part of the reason if not all of the reason, that they are unable to provide me with hormone replacement prescriptions and may be unable to address my other health concern is that they do not provide male health services. She is extremely apologetic about it and clearly feels very badly, and does not really seem to know that the language she's using is ungendering. She was able to help me with the other health problem i was having, and calls my health concerns "male health" stuff a few more times in the process.
Birthday gal Cara Kulwicki:  President Obama to Sign Law Targeting Sexual Violence Against Native American Women
I’m incredibly pleased to be able to pass along some great news for a change — the Tribal Law and Order Act, which I  had previously urged all of you to support, and which the infinitely awesome Pretty Woman Bird House vocally approves, has passed both houses of Congress and it set to be signed by President Obama today.
 SabFab, a hilarious college buddy of mine: Desperately Funny 
What that yearning for contentment translates into, in my experience, is humor. Meaning a sense of humor; a refined awareness of the inherent absurdity of even the most terrible moments. Feeling rather disenchanted one day recently, I asked my best friend and fellow in clinical mood disasters “Do you think that we're funny because we're miserable?”

“Oh my yes.”
Renee Martin: An Open Letter to Jezebel
Fuck you for the way that you continually marginalize WOC and then have the nerve to declare that you are inclusive.  Fuck you for the way that you ignore class, disability, trans women.  Just generally speaking, fuck you.  You claim to be above it all, blogging celebrity, style, and news whenever your sorry asses are called to the mat, but you are not above sticking your nose in to shame someone to earn cool points.  What the fuck were you thinking when you handed Maia over to the pack of jackals that you call commenters?  The only thing that you could possibly be thinking is to uphold that party line and shame yet another WOC. But then you "don't do race" unless it means you are taking the opportunity to be racist, or to belittle a WOC. 
Patient C: Disability Carnival #68 and Evidence
You may think that only assholes does this sort of thing, but even well-meaning, usually polite people will ask about my cane or my chair, and react as if I am the one being rude by saying "It is a long story," and leaving it at that. At a recent convention, I had to say this three times to one person, and eventually had to end it with a polite version of "No, I do not want to talk about it with you." What the hell?
Samhita Mukhopadhyay: On Time's "Courageous" Cover
And why a woman’s body or a face? When we talk about “women of the world,” and the impact they experience with sexism and other forms of oppression, there is an explicit focus on what they look like, as opposed to what they are saying, what they are organizing around or what their demands might be. Their oppression is always reduced to a physical harm done to them, out of context, our fixation being on what they look like or how barbaric the act itself was. As though the worst harm to be done to a woman is alter her physical appearance.
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