Wednesday, August 25, 2010

10 reasons to donate $10 to Deeply Problematic

A thermometer, or vial or whatever, showing monetary donations in the amount of $100, $200, $300, $400, and $500. It is filled up with red ink to roughly $150.
Last Monday, I asked for donations to help support my work here at Deeply Problematic. And I've been quite pleased with the response! A lot of readers have shown me that they think my work is worth compensating, both by donating and by retweeting, reblogging, and sharing. Thank you to everyone who has helped me so far - your encouragement means a great deal.

But I am still many many dollars short of earning my rent and other bills. So I'm setting the bar high, and pushing on with my donation drive until I reach my goal: $500.

$500 is a lot. It's a huge amount to me. $500 basically takes care of my living expenses - my share of the rent, electric, Internet, and insurance. If I know that I can come to y'all in times of need, $500 will get me through rough spots that come with the flexible career that allow me to spend so much time here and keep my sanity.

$500 is a lot, but it's also not too much. I have, according to my sources, hundreds of regular readers. 50 readers contributing $10 would get me to my goal. Eight wonderful individuals have contributed already, in sums larger and smaller, totaling $145. If another 36 contribute just $10, I will be easily be able to pay my rent at the quickly-approaching end of the month.

This is not just a short term investment in keeping my lights on. It's a long term investment in Deeply Problematic: it ensures that I won't be tempted to quit when the going gets rough again. And most of the money you donate will go towards making this a better blog - paying writers, getting a new design, new commenting, donating to other blogs, etc.

Click here to donate, or click on the button below:

Help me out, donate a bit

Still not convinced? Here are ten solid reasons to donate ten dollars to Deeply Problematic today:

10. Because we need a new commenting system. Blogger comments ain't cutting it.

9. Because you want to see more exclusive guest posts like Garland Grey's. And maybe, possibly, regular contributors to this blog that are not RMJ.

8. Because we need a new site design.

7. Because I've put a lot of money and time into this. Deeply Problematic did not just happen, and it's not just a labor of my love. The design, site URL, and moderation and maintenance all cost money. But it's also a labor of love: in the 10 months I've actively spent writing at Deeply Problematic, I've spent conservatively 25-30 hours a week on writing and maintaining this blog.

6. Because you need more posts, more often. If I know people are paying for this, I'm going to put a lot more time into this.

5. Because work by women often goes unpaid, and women are expected to be grateful just for the attention. I do appreciate the attention, but we all have to get paid somehow.

4. Because at Deeply Problematic, I focus not just on language, and media, but real people facing the consequences of the kyriarchy.

3. Because I'm so damn good at illuminating problems in language and offer productive solutions to your word dilemmas.

2. Because I offer a unique point of view on the media images we are all fed on a daily basis.

1. Because you think my voice and my words are worthwhile, and you want to strengthen that voice and keep me writing here.

Convinced? If you have a little spare cash, whether it's $10, $5, or $100 (sigh!), please give a little and help a blogger out:

Help me out, donate a bit

raw url:

Thank you for your time and monetary and non-monetary support.

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