Friday, August 6, 2010

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On Thursday August 05, I received a phone call to inform me that my 20 year old nephew had died...  As a family, we are absolutely devastated by his loss and this is magnified by the fact that we are unable to pay for his funeral.  At the side bar you will find a donation box which I have placed to ask for help.  I know that I am asking for a lot of money, but even a five dollar donation will go far to help ease the burden of funeral expenses on the family. Please if you can help us, it would be so gratefully appreciated by his mother, father and every single member of his family.
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Jos Truitt: The Gap wants you to cover up your fat legs:
Gap is explicitly using shame about having a body that does not conform to mainstream beauty standards to sell products. I’m disturbed the company would choose to do this, but I’m also bothered that it’s an idea for an ad that would work at all.
Cara Kulwicki: Emergency Room Allegedly Denied Treatment to Woman Because She is Trans
 In mid-July, Erin Vaught went to an emergency room in Muncie, Indiana because she was coughing up large amounts of blood (h/t). While there, because she is a trans woman, she was mocked, humiliated, called names, and outright refused treatment.
Sarah Seltzer: For a Feminist Wedding, Embrace the Word "No"
To begin with, I never had a bride fantasy. Long ago, when my childhood playmates suggested we put on white dresses and "play bride," I'd veto the plan. How boring! I loved imaginary games, but I preferred pretending to be be a fairy, a wood-nymph or a heroine to being someone who merely walks down an aisle. This preference translated into a more blatantly feminist persona as I grew older. At the nucleus of the culture of conformist, materialist femininity I have actively deplored here at RHRC and in my own life lies the wedding world and all its rituals, many deeply rooted in sexism. So even years into a long-term relationship that I knew was for keeps, I was hesitant about rushing into matrimony. Was it selling out gay brethren and friends? Bowing to the status quo? And most of all, would I be able to do it without losing something of my strident self beneath a cloud of frills and lace?
Samia: ay.
What is party culture, exactly? I would say it's a largely white, male, class-privileged, straight and sexist subset of general college culture. Unexamined adoration of this subculture is a) fucking creepy and b) an automatic reinforcement of the dehumanization and shaming of sexual assault victims (as well as victims of other crimes where intoxication is a contributing factor). Seriously, whose "party" is this?

s.e. smith: Push(back) at the Intersections: Defining (and Critiquing) 'Intersectionality'
A common problem I encounter in feminism is the idea that all women experience the same oppressions because they are women, and their shared identities as women override any other identities; this focus on women alone of course ignores other people who can benefit from or work in solidarity with feminism, like people of nonbinary gender. Intersectionality attempts to rectify this problem by underscoring that people can experience separate, overlapping oppressions that all play a role in how they identify, interact with the world, and prioritize their social, personal, and political goals.
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