Saturday, August 14, 2010

Exciting links

Here are a few things around and about the Internet I thought y’all might enjoy.

My bodily functions posts on scratching and poop have proved popular. Along those lines, here’s Amelia: Mammally Factual:
I’m trying something new. I’m growing out my armpit hair.
And Cat on bath products: Meaningless string of adjectives here:
Few necessities of modern life confound me more than buying toiletries. I can see why people develop brand loyalty, because how else are you supposed to know what you want? I'm forever spending thirty minutes in the hair care aisle at Rite-Aid, debating between two brands of shampoo, trying to figure out based on the packaging which one is most likely to turn me into Jennifer Aniston.
Abagond: Confirmation bias
Before I knew what it was called, I called it the Texas Cowboy Hat Effect. Texans are stereotyped as wearing cowboy hats even though few of them do. Yet if you drove across Texas you would remember the few who did wear cowboy hats and forget the many who did not. That is confirmation bias.
Rebecca: “Transgender Dog on NBC LA”
1. The dog isn’t trans. I have yet to see evidence that dogs have any sort of gender identity. Rather, it sounds as if the dog is intersex, having “intermediate or atypical combinations of physical features that usually distinguish female from male.” Transgender != intersex.
Dorian: Wedding Bells
Privileging marriage–whether same- or cross-sex–is privileging one kind of relationship above others, and above people who aren’t in relationships, but still trust each other intimately. And that is something I have a great deal of trouble with. I feel, to put it bluntly, that it’s really messed up.
PhDork: Here Comes The Trash 
The thing, however, that I found the most problematic this time was the absolutely enormous amount of waste that this not-immodest celebration entailed. I know that weddings are expensive, but I’m not even most concerned with the financial waste in this case (although it is troubling), but the literal stuff-going-into-the-landfill garbage. Food waste. Boxes and plastic and paper waste. Fabric and decoration waste.
Alyx Vesey: Applying the spirit of the Bechdel Test to dance songs 
So I hope to draft a list where drunk behavior and hookups aren’t mentioned. I haven’t come up with a snazzy handle, but the idea is there. I came up with Sly and the Family Stone’s “Dance to the Music,” ESG’s “Get Funky,” Pet Shop Boys’ “It’s Alright,” Out Hud’s “One Life to Leave,” and Hot Chip’s “Over and Over,” among others.
remery: invaluable albums--no doubt's tragic kingdom 
i just remember being mesmerized. i had no idea what was going on or who this woman was with her bangs and her red lips and maybe she was pretty? but she wasn't trying to be, and that was the puzzling part of it for me.

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